Ivanka and Melania and the G20 Summit смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, took his seat at a Group of 20 meeting table in Hamburg, sitting in for the president when he stepped away for one-on-one discussions with other world leaders.

  • TableWolfMusic

    Trump is TradCon. You ended up with a TradCon pres behaving a bit "White Knighty" so maybe those MGTOW guys had a point?

  • Seumas

    You're right Ramzpaul, but Trump is just trolling the media with these stunts, so I'm okay with it.

  • rendarsmith

    Totally agree. I'm sick of Ivanka and her Zionist husband (aka Netanyahu's mole).

  • videowilliams

    Well, Ivanka gave the left their weekly heart attack by sitting in that day so I do give her points for that. She also stood shoulder to shoulder with Dad throughout his campaign making a constant silent mockery of their assertions he's a horrid sexist pig. That's why they had to invent this foul fiction there's some incest thing between them, so as to neutralise the positive air she lent him. As for ''Jewish'', sheesh, she married one. You write her off for that? I do agree with you on Melania, however. Both women lend great class and beauty to this White House. And their picture is the reason I clicked on this.

  • Blood Angel

    It's great that some 'Murica!ns are self aware.

  • ar ar

    trump was a rich kid who worked for his dad and took over his daddys business. ivanka was a rich kid who works for her dad and has taken a piece of the family business. neither of them are "qualitifed" but both of them are actually qualified. as long as she is old enough as the rules specify. we dont know his relationship with his daughter really. but ive seen many dads who treat their daughters as competant people simalar to the boys. only difference they are quicker to hit the sons for doing things wrong. trumps relationship with that daughter idk i think its beyond our understanding.

  • MudlarkDiggingUpTheThames

    Ivanka isn't really Jewish

  • The Engineer

    A fool and his family holds no bounds, but to those dimwitted their logic is sound.

  • Shlomo Shunn

    What's Trump doing for men? He's letting Iwantitnow do all this shit for women.

  • SteadFast nEasy

    You speak of Ivanka as though she has no intellect of her own, as though she has received no schooling at all.

  • pretorious700

    I yelled at both of my daughters when they screwed up. Consequently, they are nobody to mess with now.

  • V Pate

    yep, you're still a dick

  • Captain Nemo

    ramzapaul putting tradcon gyoncentric propganda out there! "girls are unaccountable princesses and boys are disposable work horses!"dont buy the tradcon horse shit young men ! They are not fuckin princesses and your are not a disposable cog! #fuqtradconism #mgtow

  • me me

    Daddy's little girl's always have a lot control over their father's. I can't imagine how Melania deals with Ivanka pushing herself into the spotlight. Also, is all that cleavage necessary at a W20 Summit? Notice Melania's attire? It is more subdued. I wish Ivanka and her hubby would go back to their own lives and get out of the White House. Nepotism in politics is just not a good idea. Plus, they are major libs and opportunist. I think Ivanka is a beautiful and highly articulate young women. However, her father has a wife and our First Lady is Melania. It's odd and kinda creepy.

  • blockaderunner

    Amen, Ramz, soooo sick of Nepotism in our Presidency (bush bush clinton clinton trump trump, this is bullshit, this is NOT natural to America...Washington - general, Jefferson - inventor jack of all trades, Adams, Jackson ----- they were all their own men and from different families). We broke off from England due to the silly kings in Robes. Our ancestors wore pants and shirts, not silly dresses or robes that the priests, professors, judges, and kings from the Middle East wore. And no we did not come from Africa or the "Middle East" either! They keep (have kept for decades) trying to re-write our WHITE history!

  • VenomousStare

    Great video, Ramzpaul!

  • Biff Tannen, Esq.

    I'm Biff Tannen and I approve of this message.

  • Captain Nemo

    You all realise shes going to run for president one day!! lmaowait........you didnt know?? ;-)

  • Tulip Lily

    If you love Hitler, Ramz Paul doesn't, go listen to Lady Renouf.

  • Deadheads

    Spot on about the European smiling thing -European.



  • holograMMar

    Ivanka Pip is æ beaûtiful con-vert to dhe deZert da'ath-kult

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