RAW: Putin takes inaugural ride in new Russian-made Cortege limousine

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at his inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow using the brand new Russian-made Cortege limousine on Monday.

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  • The Wedge

    looks NOTHING like a rolls royce lol... just because it has a square radiator grille? cars have had square grills for over 100 years... Hell I can name 100 cars that have those grills... I guess they all copied Rolls ROyce lol ...

  • Gameboy XD

    This car is dupe ditching european cars for self made russian cars is a light in russia that they too are trying to abadon oil as their only source of income.

  • john lemon

    hahahaha powered by german engine.....not exactly russian isnt it??????

  • bill began

    I want one,but I'm POOR. This is an awesome designed MACHINE,1 BADASS RIDE . I have a lot of respect for Putin, a true LEADER,RUSSIANS are very lucky to have him . He has done soon much for his country and it's people, not like the CRAP we get,GREEDY capitalist 😣😣. 😎😎👍👍👍😁😁✌✌

  • JSG

    Looks like a cross between a Chrysler and a rolls Royce. With the back of a Mercedes

  • Kwame Brown

    Looks like a Phantom had a baby with a Chrysler 300.

  • Johan

    The design is definitly not stolen from a Rolls at all.

  • spencersfarm

    In English "cortege" is usually used for a funeral procession.

  • Tyson Castaneda

    I would have a problem if Putin didn’t get elected. But the problem would just solve itself. I mean who would run against Putin? You’ll probably shit your pants because Putin knows how to be in control. If he doesn’t have it. He’ll take it, and that’s why I like Putin. Congratulations on your re-election Mr Putin. You deserve to lead Russia, nobody else knows Mother Russia better than you.

  • Benjamin Burkhardt

    Looks a lot like the Canadian made Chrysler 300

  • james brown

    nothing special. just another terrorist in affice


    Well, it is practically a big luxurious Volkswagen, because they have made those Cortege limousines in Russia co-operation with German Porsche, founded by Adolf Hitler´s car engineer Ferdinand Porsche, who created and designed the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, inspired by a car drawing by Hitler, too. The car engines of the first 14 already made limousines are made by Porsche, which  is today a part of Volkswagen just like Bentley that has possibly partly inspired that limousine´s design and outlook. The another German co-operation partner has been then Bosch, which core products are automotive components. The Russian Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (MAMI) in Moscow has then been behind that project and they possibly are planning there to engineer a Russian engineered limousine car engine possibly in future, or then possibly not, lol. (I personally think that it is only an unrealistic dream plan there, because it is not an easy project and it is very expensive work too and it is very difficult to make better Russian design limousine car engines than those now used German Porsche -car engines are) Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland! :)

  • Albert eric

    Regarder la cérémonie d'ouverture de la Coupe du Monde 2018 Gratuitementhttps://bit.ly/2IexGZO

  • Adel Al Kooheji

    I'd call the car Rolls Royov 300

  • shrey n.

    Looks like a fusion between RollsRoyce Ghost- Cadillac One (Beast)- Audi A8L. Anyways, it's home made and that's awesome pride for countrymen. Wish I'd see something like this in India with PM Modi in it.

  • Bart Simpson

    Front profile : Rolls Royce PhantomSide profile : Mercedes Benz S600 Guard Pullman LimousineRear profile : Bentley Flying Spur

  • Adel Al Kooheji

    2:26 is that a DENT on the door ?!

  • Ja Ja

    Emperor ride through kingdom!

  • Serge Zeda

    I am not a russian but Putin is the type of leader I would love Africa to have. A man of integrity who cares about protecting his country interests. I call on all russians to remain united behind your leader, because though he is far from perfection, you're still better off with a leader who will not bow down to foreign political pressures or attempts to destabilize your country. A time will come when a new generation of russian leadership will emerge, hopefully that would be a time when deep political and economical reforms will help improve the socioeconomic status of every russian.

  • Fluterra

    An ugly car for an ugly dictator.

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