Время - Vremya (Заставка - Idents - Génériques 1972-2010)

Collection de génériques datant de 1972 à 2010 du journal télévisé soviétique, puis russe : Vremya (traduction : Temps)


Opening idents from 1972 to 2010 from soviet, then russian television news: Vremya (translation: Time)
  • Nishant Kumar

    what does BPEMR means ?? and for what purpose this is used????

  • Corey Oldknow

    1987 and 2009 good old communist red star . Love it

  • sasha povalyaev

    Екатерина Андреева самая прекрасная

  • Yan Mayskiy

    Кому интересно,музыка в заставках с 1985 года называется "Время Вперёд!"

  • vanko stoyanov

    dum dum dum dum dum du du du du dum

  • bleachno9


  • Macadam Blob

    4:01 i thought she was naked?

  • Kryštof Vinter

    Oh, 1972 and 1977 have so nice and cute tune

  • Robert Garcia

    Ismail, Did Yeltsin actually fire the artillery himself? No. It was the soldiers/people who did so. Why? Just like parliament and the USA CONGRESS, was/is full of cockroaches. Things are DIFFERENT but still the SAME. You and I know how hard it is to kill all the cockroaches. The person who control the cookie jar gets most of the cookies.The USA did set free many of "territories" just like Russia( post Soviet Union. A few less cockroaches. ......... Still people are people.

  • TV Nação Nesta 2


  • M.B.

    What is the song at 0:01??

  • Francisco Maturana

    одна тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят семь

  • CaptainBlumburrt

    1987 intro is the best.

  • 秋田太郎

    What's 0:00song's name?

  • Scot Carr

    "Time Forward" is #1 news theme of all time! Repressive gov'ts totally rock at that!

  • Nishant Kumar

    what does Vremya means ?????

  • Atrux1

    Can you tell me the name of the 1985 anthem? Looks like pretty great , I wanna hear it in full version. Thank you :)

  • Une Sovetsky

    What is the song of the 1985 opening ?

  • Hālian

    What song was the theme in the 70s?

  • 2B

    i like all of them...

  • Jiahao Liu

    What is music from the 70s

  • 古賀祐大

    1972 and 1977 is so cool !

  • Frank Han

    I am glad they didn't change the tune from 1987. Moreover, you can clear see in 2010 version the red star (represented the communism) is back. I think they didn't want "communism", they just want the power they used to have. But unfortunately, they are defeated by the US.

  • W'sYTCH

    the 1991 studio is pretty good.

  • Ernest Jay

    They use same tune since 1987

  • Robert Garcia

    Why am I here to post? Simple, Do not trust National Government. Mine, yours and the other ones. Government officials play a game that is different from ordinary people. If Governments exist for the betterment of the PEOPLE than WHY are things not better for the average person. I agree, collective effort is necessary to get things done on a huge scale. Maybe human beings go at WAR like it's a sport. Many people are involved. The owners, the administration, the coaches, the team staff and the players. It's a team sport on which the PLAYERS DIE. And now, the WAR thing has a new ball, A Nuclear Ball. "PLAYING" this type of game will kill everyone. It's like all the people in the stadium WILL DIE when the game starts. WAR, Nuclear WAR is MADNESS. i TELL YOU GOOD PEOPLE OF ALL THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE the USA and RUSSIA ( and CHINA ) on the Internet watch ...... PBS documentary > Command and Control. ..... THAT'S IT, do your own thinking about it. Governments must exist to make people's lives better, to have people LIVE not to DIE ! Remember this JESUS preached "Peace" and the "powers that be" put him to death. I am just a person in USA with no International political agenda. I just wish the people in Russia to eat their Borsch and drink your Vodka and for us In USA to drink our Coca Cola and Hamburgers in peace. Politics can be a playground and a sport for MADNESS. Sooooo, live well and prosper.

  • AntenneQC

    I have a question. What is the meaning of the logo with a star and 4 circles at the bottom right corner with the letter SAGE that we can see at 1:00 ?

  • Francesco Anastasio

    1:45 whats the name pf this tune?

  • Meow Zedong

    1987 and 1991 are the best, in my opinion.

  • Davi

    Mira. Televisión. Hondura!

  • Ali Mazarqah

    What is mean DEBRITSHER ?

  • John Barber

    I do like the theme "Time Forward" used in the later years.

  • 秋田太郎

    patriotic song is the best

  • Vladislav Egorov

    Pavel Sheremet on 3:45. He would be murdered in Kiev, Ukraine 17 years later with a car bomb. Ukrainian investigators still can't or don't want to find the perpetrators.

  • 2009Trainz

    Помню смотрел на просторах интернета заставку как на 2:30, но она была необычной: там показывали памятные года СССР в виде перекидного календаря, еще помню там был полёт Гагарина. Не могу найти данную заставку (

  • 1978TVP

    what a piece of crap, god save the world from reds!

  • Scot Carr

    And now. on the 1st Program - propaganda. W/a snappy socialist opening theme!

  • Benjamin Rose

    2:24 Somebody in the USSR had a Soviet clone of an Amiga for their CG!

  • Matthew McKenna

    The 1985 ident is the one I remember seeing on Soviet TV each evening when I was in Leningrad on a language course in March-April 1984.  Brings back memories.  At that time the news bulletins were assiduously keeping the Soviet public informed of the activities at the Greenham Common anti-nuclear women's peace camp in the UK, and the beginning of the miners' strike which was causing such a problem for Margaret Thatcher and her government.

  • W'sYTCH

    1996 and 1972 the best

  • RomelioSanz

    Does anyone know where is located that massive antenna? Thanks

  • Pierre-Nicolas Lauria

    Love the 1985 anthem! Don't know if it was written for the show or not?

  • Gabe Halvin

    1987 and 1996 are best

  • lotso toon

    From 1987 to 2010 the tune intro is "Time Foward" by Georgy Sviridov

  • 1L6E6VHF

    0:55. The large parabolic dish sweeping the sky (obviously time lapse here). Was this the antenna they used to beam the programs to the Ecran satellite in its Molniya orbit?

Fernsehen der DDR - Start of Broadcast Day
소련/러시아 뉴스 프로그램 Время(브레먀) 오프닝 OP 모음 (1968~2017)
SBS ID 1990 and Vremya [Врeмя] (Soviet News) Opener
Вещи СССР Ностальгия по СССР рождённым в СССР
Программа "Время"-07.12.1987.
Программа "Время".02.11.1977.
Заставка программы "Время" на 9 мая 2005 - 2008 г.
TV USSR End of program in 1980s
Время, вперед! К 50-летию полёта в космос Юрия Гагарина
Прогноз погоды на 10 мая 1975 года
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