Nick Vujicic SKYDIVING JUMP смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

Nick Vujicic has an Attitude at Altitude and this is the example of him living a life of dreaming big and not giving up. Thank to United Parachute Technology and SkyDive DeLAND Nick did a skydive jump with his wife Kanae on April 24th, 2012.....and he said it's not the last one. Enjoy and share.
  • pálné zakar

    Csodás ember! Itt a bizonyíték,mindent lehet ha akarod!

  • elvire pascal

    you give me courage , joy to live . I love u so, so much

  • pnareshkumar patharla

    Nick and bear grylls super heros

  • Kotte k.Naveen kumar

    Love you brother e video super

  • Mark Anthony Nino Quinto

    he is awesome and extra ordinary

  • Ikusei Yakko

    He said fingerprints

  • Sumit Khadgi

    Who is watching this in 2018 ??

  • R C

    You are a blessing man God bless you and I love you so much

  • Gifty Appiah

    Very funny he always put smile on my face

  • Cjdidulo Vash

    Aweeome you have no arms and legs but he can swim


    0:22 finger prints?😐


    love this guy .. big heart

  • Guled is Back

    I really like this guy

  • prakash patil

    this is my supar Hero

  • sowunmi elizabeth

    I love Pastor Nick so much, he is a blessing to the troubled world, the wife is one in a million. I know that God has plans for everyone and there is always someone assigned for each other

  • Wisdom Dorlewodzi

    wow! our God is great

  • Christina Stephen

    This guy is just Awesome

  • sylvie lot

    a 3.52 cornu pour qui?

  • S.K. RAM

    i say only one word it is miracle

  • Carrie Lopez

    how they prints u have no fingures

  • Jyoti Saini

    u r the real inspection

  • Jyoti Saini

    whenever l feel low l must watch ur videos. thanks to make me feel happy

  • saif ali shah

    my name saif ..i am from pakistan...i am disable in accident from 2010..from this hope high...nick can do...every thing...why i am not.....thanks nick sir...god blssed you

  • elvire pascal

    thank you nick for what u do in my life

  • ENZO De Sousa


  • Susan Koech

    Haha. I can't shake hands cuz it's a waste of time. I was so nervous my Palms were sweating. He is so amazing and funny. Love Nick!!!!

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